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Mpanta Solar Mini Grid Project

This project was funded by UNIDO, GEF and the Government of Zambia through its agency the Rural Electrification Authority. Supplying grass thached households and other facilities the project is a 60Kw plant that was commissioned in 2013. Kafita signed an MOU to manage the operations, maintenace and sales of solar services to the community with tariffs regulated by the Energy Regulation Board based on a fixed monthly charge using the ability to pay principle. The project has spured the social and economic development in Mpanta which has reduced the use of fossile fuels for lighting such as candles, parafine lamps and firehood lighting providing cheap and reliable power option for the community.


Poultry Project

Kafita initiated a poultry project in 2014 with a target to be keeping broilors and village chickens to provide a different source of food for the community and other areas. Its targeted is to be stocking 1,000 broilors monthly and 800 village chickens every after 6 months. Kafita's main objective under this project is to improve the food security of Mpanta by supplying cheap chickens to the people of Mpanta to reduce the over dependancy of fish from the lake.


Fish Ponds Project

Due to the depleting fish stocks in Lake Bangweulu, Kafita decided to invest in a Fish Project in order to provide a sustainable solution to the fishing industry in Zambia. Through this project Kafita is now able to supply fish during the fish ban periods offering a better solution in enhancing food security in the area. Currently 40 fish ponds have been constructed and with the help of other well wishers we target to construct 400 ponds by the year 2020 as land is readily available for use with abundant water source and suitable soil for aquarculture.

Ice Plant Project

Under this project, Kafita invested in an Ice making equipment in order to be producing ice for fish traders in Mpanta and other surrounding areas. Majority of fish traders were unable to supply fresh fish which is a demand product due to spoilages as they had no cold storage facilities for them to safely store their fish. This Project brought enormous change as the community were able to store their fish for days before they take the commodity for sale to the city. This project further reduced the use of smoking method to preserve their fish which posed as an environmental hazoured in the lake due to the smoke as well as reduced the rampant cutting down of trees which is used for smoking the fish.


Solar Powered Hammer Mill Project

This project was initiated to provide grain shelling services to the community as well as for use for production of feed for the chickens and fish ponds projects. Many people used to access these services from other place which proved costly but with the coming in of this service this became a thing of the past and greatly improved the food security in Mpanta.



Vegetable Growing Project

Side by side with the fish ponds, Kafitahas further invested in growing vegetables for sale to the community and other traders on a large scale. This is project is done under favourable conditions  with good fertile soil and water source under mechanised equipment.This project has proved beneficial in providing food security as well as improving the economic environment of Mpanta.

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