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Many people In rural communities of Zambia are poor not because they are doing nothing about their poverty status but because they try everyday with very few resources which is  practically insufficient to change their lives.

They are looking and waiting just for one opportunity in life that will create a lasting and sustainable future for their children and community at large.

Kafita Co-operative has designed and demonstrated practical solutions that proves to be an inspiring way of helping our community to stay out of poverty and live an improved livelihood that will create a better future for everyone in Mpanta.

We are an organisation that is dedicated and determined to change the lives of our community in Mpanta.

So if you have a heart to be part of a global community that is helping to end poverty in rural communities this your opportunity to partner with us to make a difference.

Your financial or material contribution to our work will give that hope for a struggling woman or child who has no hope for a brighter future. Your support will be like a seed planted in good soil that will bear fruits for many generations to come.


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