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Kafita Multi Purpose Cooperative Society is a nonprofit organization located in Mpanta, Samfya District of the Luapula province of Zambia. It was created in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for the benefit of the Mpanta community which is manly a marginalized area located along Lake Bangweulu and at the source of the Luapula River with majority of the people relying on fishing as their main source of income. Founded in December 2009, the organization is currently serving approximately 450 farmers representing a population of over 2,440 direct beneficiaries in Mpanta.


To promote rural compulsory community participation in multiple economic ventures that will result to maximum beneficiary satisfaction for sustainable development.


Making an enabling environment to our community in becoming the greatest destination for potential innovation and a clear example of the demonstration of rural economic sustainable developmental achievement to the rest of the globe.


“Our vision is a development of the rural communities through participation in modern Industrialization and innovation by the year 2050”

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